Wellspring Behavior Consulting, LLC
Wellspring Behavior Consulting, LLC


In-Home Behavior Therapy

 This program is designed to target functional and developmental skill deficits (e.g., self-care, daily living skills, safety and social skills) with an emphasis on functional communication. This includes direct therapy provided alongside the parent and specific parent training in the techniques utilized to best facilitate the child’s development.

Wellspring’s intervention philosophy and service is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a widely researched and effective tool for teaching children with developmental disabilities. The foundation of the program utilizes Pivotal Response Training (PRT), which incorporates the natural environment and extensive parent and family training to meet its goals. In addition to PRT, other ABA methodologies are used including, but not limited to: Discrete Trial Training, Task Analysis, and  Naturalistic Teaching. As well as related technologies such as visual supports and PECS.

Functional Behavior Assessment

This service is provided to contracted districts upon request. We provide a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment for behaviors of concern in the school setting. 

Parent Training

All our programs include an emphasis on parent participation and training. Our goal is to get the parents to the point where they can serve directly as the child's therapist and adapt to their growing child over their lifetime without the need for direct intervention.